OFZ - Zaralli

wooden flute headjoints

Many flutists think that wooden headjoints are just for baroque music... But it's not true: clarinet, oboe and bassoon also play contemporary music, and they are woodwinds!
Since 1996, Onorio and Filippo Zaralli have designed a new model of flute headjoint, using wood instead of metal.
The "OFZ-Zaralli" headjoints are made of 4 types of wood:
Grenadilla: offers a strong, dark, bright and powerful tone, with plenty of volume.

Boxwood: offers a sweet but intense tone. The colour is light, ideal for Vivaldi, Mozart, French composers of XX century.

Rosewood: offers a bright, focused and well rounded tone, with a very clear articulation.

Olivewood: offers a very expressive tone, with a wide range of colours: a right headjoint for all repertoire.

Watch the videos below to get the idea of the sound:

G. Ph. Telemann, Fantasia in b-minor n. 3 per flauto solo.
Flauto, Onorio Zaralli.
J. Hammig silver flute with
"OFZ - Zaralli" grenadilla headjoint

J.S.Bach. Allemanda from Partita in a-minor for flute solo
Flute - Onorio Zaralli
Silver flute Joh. Hammig -
Boxwood headjoint "OFZ - Zaralli"

Telemann, Fantasia n. 2 in a-minor

Flute - Onorio Zaralli

Silver flute Joh. Hammig -
Boxwood headjoint "OFZ - Zaralli"


with lip plate
without lip plate

There is no difference about sound and production of tone. It's just a personal preference. Without the lip plate the headjoint has a vintage appeal:

Squared: the sound is wide, clear, powerful and has a big projection. Intonation is perfect. 
Squared but a little rounded: the sound is intense, "rounded"; it has an incredible homogeneity. The high notes require more "appoggio" (support).

All headjoints have a no-fixed tenon. This way you can use the same headjoint on different flutes, just changing the tenon. 

For more information or to order, please, contact Onorio Zaralli at onoriozaralli@gmail.com