WFA Contest for best thesises/dissertations

Hi, my name is Onorio Zaralli and I am co-founder, together with Yulia Berry from Boston - of Web Flute Academy. Web Flute Academy (WFA) is an innovative e-learning platform, accessible through our website or mobile app: we offer free and paid online courses on flute technic and performance; live webinars on flute topics, such as Tone, Vibrato, Staccato, Developing velocity, and so on. On our website you can also find original exercises and compositions for flute solo and flute ensembles. Now, we are proud to announce our CONTEST. What is it? All students do a final work for their graduation at Universities and Colleges - thesises or dissertations. The topics include flute technic and repertoire, biographies, music theory, pedagogy or performance management. We want to give the college graduates the opportunity to convert their works into courses and/or webinars and offer it for sale through WFA on excellent conditions for the authors, who always keep the copyright of their works. College graduates and students cannot lose the opportunity to get exposure to WFA large global audience of students and social media accounts. So, we invite you to contact us for more details at