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Mission Statement
Web Flute Academy provides broad, flexible, and engaging curriculum and instruction that uses best practices in education to bring success to all students.

Web Flute Academy will use research-based instructional design that includes instructional strategies shown to be most successful. We provide effective educational materials and innovative study methods. The curriculum and instruction will be relevant and engaging, using active learning principles that can be adapted to meet the learning needs of a diverse student body. 

Greeting message from the WFA founder Onorio Zaralli:

"The Web Flute Academy is an original innovative project. In our Academy everyone can find a new way to learn the flute. 
We will work together on the flute technique, on repertoire, on performing - with a specific training for each section. We believe that everyone has a talent, which must be discovered, emboldened for his or her own identity.
The Web Flute Academy is the best environment for this. 
Waiting to meet you on the Web Flute Academy!
My warmest greetings! 


Blended Learning
We mix eLearning with instructor-led training. Work on a course, take private lessons in a virtual classroom or participate in masterclasses and workshops via videoconferencing.

Earn Badges, Points, Levels, Rewards and Leaderboards. 

Get certifications upon completing a course. The certificates can be downloaded or easily shared to your Linkedin profile.

Rich communication tools
For our students we offer access to Personal messages, Calendar and Discussion forums.

Videoconference support
Integrated videoconference feature, great for taking masterclasses and participating in various workshops all over the world without the need of travelling.

Great deals
Watch for our global discounts, coupons, giveaways and contests, which will be offered from time to time. 

Web standards
Built on top of the most modern web standard and technologies.

Free native applications are available for iOS and Android devices. Access all features through the app.

User interface
Responsive design that fits any device. Scalable visual elements that are retina screen ready.

Courses are available in multiple languages.

Message to Students

Your education belongs to you and you alone. You are the one who will benefit from it, or not. How much you create it, how much effort you put forth, how much you work at understanding what you need and want to know, how much you enjoy learning—these things are up to you. We feel you should be given the opportunity to fashion each subject you study along lines that are of interest to you personally.

As a Web Flute Academy student, you’ll become part of a community of active flutists, committed to succeed through continuously improving their professional skills. 


Web Flute Academy was founded by flutists Onorio Zaralli and Yulia Berry.


A winner of many National and International competitions, Onorio Zaralli has given solo concerts in France, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Australia and USA. His performances were broadcasted on radio and TV all over the world. He played with the Bucharest Radiotelevision Symphony Orchestra, the Sanremo Symphony Orchestra and the Accademia Nazionale Di S.Cecilia Symphony Orchestra.

Onorio Zaralli is the author of many books, including MOZART, Concerti per flauto - Ypothekai, IN CONCERTO, Il controllo dell’ emotività nelle pubbliche esecuzioni - Concerto Italiano, SUONARE CON L’ ANIMA, Autocontrollo e sviluppo integrale - (Unpublished), MULTIMEDIALITA' PER TUTTI - Argo, MUSICA IN JEANS - Bulgarini, and LEZIONI DIGITALI - Academia Universa Press.

Onorio Zaralli was the Artistic Director of the Concerto Italiano Music Festival, Italy (1986 - 1991) and the Italian Music Festival in Saint-Petersburg, Russia (1994), and the President of the International Music Festival and Competition, Italy (1997)

Onorio Zaralli gave master classes in Italy, Russia and USA. He has taught on faculty with the Conservatorio di Musica “S. Cecilia”, Roma and currently is the President and teacher at The Accademia Flautistica Veneta, Padova.

You can download Onorio Zaralli's free Mobile app for Androids: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onoriozaralli.flutist


Yulia Berry has earned Master Degrees in both flute performance and flute instruction from The Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov. She has also earned Bachelor Degrees in both flute performance and flute instruction with Honors from The Saint-Petersburg State School of Music named after M.P. Mussorgsky in Russia.
She has an extensive professional performance experience as a soloist and experience with symphony orchestras and chamber ensembles. She also performed, toured and appeared live on TV with the ethno-rock group “Vermicelli Orchestra”.

Yulia Berry is residing in Boston, MA USA where she has her own flute studio - “Yulia Berry’s Flute Studio”. Her students actively participate in local festivals, play in various community orchestras of the Greater Boston and won placements in the New England Conservatory's Massachusetts Youth Wind Ensemble and Baroque Ensemble, the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra (BYSO), Junior and Senior Districts, All-State Festival, and the Longy School's Ensembles and Orchestras. 

Since 2012 Yulia Berry has been a co-founder and sponsor of the Annual Open Flute Competition "Young Virtuoso", held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
In May of 2015 she gave an interview to a very popular Internet magazine “The Flute View”.
Yulia Berry is the interviewer and the editor of Chattoir Editorials http://www.editorials.chattoir.com/author/Yulia-Berry.html - the Internet community, created for artists and musicians, where she interviewed some of the best and brightest musicians today.

Yulia Berry is the creator and the developer of the popular free mobile app “All About Flute” http://www.allaboutflute.org. She also developed Mobile apps for many famous musicians. 


Are you wondering why you should study online to improve your flute and musician skills from the Web Flute Academy? It’s time you find out some of the main benefits of online (distance) learning.

Once the popularity of this type of study has started to rise, universities worldwide have introduced more online degree courses. 
So with today's technology in blended e-learning it even became possible to learn the flute online - to improve your technique, sound, breathing, knowledge as a musician and get an access to professional flutists sharing their innovative teaching ideas.

Here is why you should consider taking our online courses and joining our webinars:

1. Location is no longer an important issue

If you are already working, or there are other reasons why you might not be able to study at a traditional university or with a flute teacher in person, then online education provides you with the possibility to follow our innovative courses and study with many great flute teachers from the comfort of your home.

If you choose to study online, you won’t need to travel abroad, so no money spent on commuting, plane tickets, accommodation, or even the visa formalities.

With online learning, you can simply get a quality international masterclass from the comfort of your home.

All you need is to join the Web Flute Academy at http://www.webfluteacademy.org and sign up for our courses and webinars.

2. Enjoy all the flexibility you could ask for

Online courses give you the possibility to combine independent learning with your work or family responsibilities. Online courses are specially designed for self-study and are often personalised to fit the needs of individual students.

In a nutshell, you can learn at your own pace, since you won’t be constrained to a fixed timetable. Schedule your time to log-in for your courses and to do your assignments. Additionally, you also have the possibility to save and record your lessons and read and replay them as much as you like.

You have complete freedom to pick your learning environment: you can study at your job, after working hours are over (if you have the possibility), at home, on your way to work, etc.

3. Choose from a wide range of courses

With the growing need for online education, there has been an increase in available online and distance study programmes, giving you a great choice of different programmes to choose from. We also keep working on adding more courses and inviting more great flutists to teach and share their innovative ideas.

Our courses are meant to enhance or improve some of your flute skills and each of the courses will provide a certificate at completion. You can learn a proper breathing technique, work on the sound, advance your performing skills and much more.

Check out our popular online courses:
"Daily training"
"Working on the breathing" (FREE)
"Working on the sound" (FREE)
"Suonare con l'anima" (in Italian)

4. Being successfully admitted to an online studying is so easy

The Web Flute Academy has no formal requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to access courses. We don't set age limits and have no prior education requirement. You could be a self studying flutist, looking for some help and guidance or a student, looking into enriching the learning experience and accessing valuable innovative ideas of professional flutists.

For each course you complete, you will earn a certificate from "Web Flute Avademy".

5. You’ll receive great support during your studies

Studying flute online does not mean you are left alone in your self-study environment. Most our online programmes are designed in such a way that you receive great support from the course author and individual feedback to keep you focused on your studies. You can arrange a personal appointment with teachers and contact personnel from the student support services at any time for any technical or administrative issue.

For our distance learning courses, you can connect to an online platform that is available 24/7 and allows you to discuss online with teachers and your peers/other flutists and access online study materials.

You can access interactive instruction and individual assessment platforms, and live webinars. "Web Flute Academy" also has its own YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN6tydzsT6uLlhhtaKwBSwQ

As you can see, online flute studying is a great alternative to on-campus study programmes. So what are you waiting for? Check out the vast supply of our online courses and study from a distance.

eLearning Readiness Questionnaire

Before enrolling in an online course, you should first assess your readiness for stepping into the online learning environment. Your answers to the following questions will help you determine what you need to do to succeed at online learning. Post-survey feedback will also provide you with information on what you can expect from an online course.